It is said that it is not the strongest who survive but those who adapt the fastest to a changing environment.

From an evolutionary point of view things move so slowly we don’t even see the changes in generations of lifetimes; our bodies are busy every moment of every day adapting to every challenge they are confronted with. We will notice almost nothing about this effort within us, that’s our extraordinary bodies & minds at work building on tens of thousands of years of work in progress.

When we compare that slow imperceptible cellular change to the world around us it’s easy to see why we can feel so vulnerable, so overwhelmed. The speed with which the planet seems to be changing as a result largely of the last 100 years of human presence has made us all too aware of just how ill equipped, we are to do deal with the extreme realities of the world around us, make no mistake the planet will adapt and change and will survive. She has no fear and will do exactly what she needs to do, no self-doubt and no fear of causing damage, she will not worry about what we think of her, she will do what she needs to do whilst we realise, we can’t WhatsApp, mediate or medicate our way out of this situation.

Medicine was once considered an Art, now it’s a science,

There is a lot of talk currently about mobile phone posture, everywhere you go you see bodies caved in over small screens, absorbed into anything that feeds our easily distracted minds and attention, the truth is technology will change so fast that phones as they are now will soon be antiquated, the very effort of holding a phone and actually using our hands will seem as old fashioned as using a pen and paper. I’m a tremendous fan of technology that saves lives but for the most part I see it largely as changing behaviours and societies as far more concerning that the odd text neck ache, we as a social species simply do not have the capacity to thrive with such significant changes in the fabric of our very nature

Things have got easier, many for the best but we have got lazier. Lazy with concentration, lazy with manners, lazy with our waistlines (I blame elasticated waists) got lazy with cooking and along with it the social interaction that often goes along with it. We’ve got more ways of communication than we know what to do with and less skills to actually communicate. Virtual worlds are thriving in a time when people living in our actual world are struggling (living longer & sicker now a new normal) higher levels of anxiety & depression, also considered normalised. We’ve got caught in brighter and shinier promises and forgotten the essence of the human experience and our basic needs really haven’t changed since we first began to walk this beautiful earth.

We are extraordinary. You are extraordinary, you are here now because of thousands of years of ancestral survival, adaptably and resilience. Your ancestors survived woolly mammoths, plagues and War and that’s barely a few of the threats you have faced in previous lives. So, the next time you think you don’t have the strength you need in a moment of challenge, remember not just surviving but thriving is in your cells, its literally in your DNA, you have an innate wisdom in how best to take care of yourself, you just have to quieten the external noise long enough to hear that wisdom.

Be amazed, be bewildered but most importantly be the resilient version of yourself that has got to exactly where you need to be.

With love,



Sunrise at The Retreat September 2022
Seraphina Pilates

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