When I last wrote we were just at the beginning of lockdown, I’d like to say I entered this period with a calm nutri bullet fueled Zen.

I didn’t.

I mananaged to visit my mum, also my administrator just before we went to full lockdown, I told her I could no longer afford to keep her on, this was the worst moment of the last few months. I literally had no idea how I was going to rescue a business I had spent 20 years building.

And then several things happened, whilst some clients simply wished me luck others offered more immediate practical help, help that would ensure I could pay my bills whilst building myself a raft to stay afloat through the most uncertain of waters. I was also directed towards a teacher in New York, a Teacher I’d never met or spoken too but who had put together a Q&A on this thing called Zoom, her kindness & calmness cannot be underestimated, but if Karma exists then this woman has a lifetime worth of good energy coming her way. Kristin I am indebted. http://www.mindbodyawarestudio.com

And then there was you, my students & clients who got in my sometimes leaky raft with me, gifting me with words of support providing the water wings I needed, with some technical support provided from an IT genius in my class a document was gifted to me to help others have the best set up possible for the best class experience, your patience & support has now given me several months of Online classes & 1-1’s. Its kept us all going forward & stopped us looking back. We are not the same, we are stronger & we will only get stronger.

Whilst we are all longing for some aspects of our previous lives, there are many reasons to look forward & carry through the things we have learnt during these past months, there is an oppertunity in this time to make the changes we perhaps have needed to make for some time. I have adapted, & I am truly a techical dinosaur so this did not come easy but the truth is I’ve been able to teach people all over the country & in coutries beyond. I’ve been able to study regularly with my own teachers, something which would usually involve significant travel & resources. Its not the same but its a joy to see my friends & just to hear their voices. I have found my own way to make this time work & that means with cats, dogs & very small spaces.

We own our future & I owe many of you such gratitude in keeping my business (and my mum) going, I simply dont have the words.

And yes I did get a Nutribullet, I find it balances the Cocktails beautifully.

Keep moving & remember there is always extra space on my raft if you find yourself overwhelmed by the storm,

Suzy xxx


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