I’m not going to lie, this past week hasn’t been as bad as it could have been, until today.

It’s not that I’ve been unwell, or unable to get food. Its not the relentless stupidity of others refusing to observe social distancing rules, its not the worry of whether vets will remain open or the announcement that Net a Porter & The Outnet are currently in hibernation until further notice. What the bloody hell am I going to wear to my date night out/in?!

It was the Yoga class I signed up to do without being aware that the participants were going to be hardcore devotees. The teacher was lovely, he would have been equally suited performing an Ibiza club DJ set to chill out vibes & serving Breakfast until 4pm, The hard core truth is I may have had more success participating if I had taken a copious amount of recreational club drugs beforehand.

All Zen evaporated at speed when I couldn’t keep up with whether or not my dog should be uplifted or just hiding, I’m a Yoga fan though not in any way an expert, I’m not sure if flicking to images of the bendiest bodies in the Universe balancing with a Pomeranian on one hand made me feel better or not, In no universe will I ever stand a chance of balancing Baxter, the 45kg (really 50kg when he comfort eats) large dog that generally ends up everywhere he shouldn’t including my lap.

So I chanted & shook my way through 90 minutes of Vangelis & in the teachers own words inappropriate closing music Al Green’s ‘I’m so tired of being alone’ .I kid you not.

But these are crazy times & sometimes you just have to try something new if only to discover that you really are much worse at something than you had realised. And that’s OK.

With that in mind I will try something new tomorrow & keep trying something new as we go deeper down the rabbit hole of Isolation & lockdown, If only because getting stronger in any sense requires us to do things we know little about but are curious enough to explore, whether we turn out to be good at them or not.

One thing I will not be doing however, is taking class again with the extraordinary Yogi with the Zen Pomeranian. She was wonderful, even the bloody dog was wonderful but sometimes you just know when you are really just an angry cat trying to fit into a dogs world.

Keep smiling & keep well,


Seraphina Pilates

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