When was the last time you gave consideration to breathing?

When was the last time you gave consideration to the work your body does every moment of your concious & unconcious life to keep you alive, but perhaps thats key to why you’ve never paid it much mind, your body has done such a profoundly sucessful job, you never had cause to notice it, until of course you watch a scary movie & your heart ‘stops’.

Of course, you may be someone who is constantly vigilant, if you have any respiratory conditions, or medical reasons that can very quickly compromise your airways then you may be accutely aware of how important the ability to inhale and exhale is, to you its a literal matter of life & death.

It is easy to take for granted that which we have no cause to notice because it doen’t have any apparently direct impact on us or our immediate survival but what if we all just stopped & took a breath.

The global events of this last year have literally winded much of the world, but conversely the planet, the thing which we are entirely dependant on for our survival has taken a long & much needed inhalation & revelled in her exhalation.

Whether we acknowledge it or not, you & I are dependant on oxygen to survive and thrive, not just as a matter of science but because the action of breathing, mediation if you will can literally calm the nervous system, your body, your brain, your thoughts. (BTW I have always found the idea of just sitting with my thoughts extremely threatening, My meditations happen when I walk my dogs, I never said I had it all worked out!)

But the fact is.

A single breath can change everything.

So when you feel that overwhelming feeling of anxiety or breathlessness creeping into your thoughts & lungs trust that your body knows what is doing, understand that you have everyhting within the landscape of your mind & body to reapair, heal & overcome the most challenging of emotional & physical wounds. Remind yourself that the scars you have are just part of your own landscape, and like the planet they can heal you are unique and that is precious.

The more you recognise your own intrinsic ability to heal the stronger you will become.

Eventually just like breathing it wont feel like work at all, It wont change the world around immediately but it might change how you feel within it.

In the meantime just breath.

With Love,

Suzy xx


Lungs of the earth.

Seraphina Pilates

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