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Mahatma Gandhi was truly onto something when he told people ‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world’ He made us the captains of our own destinies, no excuses. Quite simply ‘it’ starts with us.

The tricky bit however has sometimes been understanding what’It’ actually is, most of us want world peace, an end to global poverty & a healthy planet etc (Ms World anyone?!). but the truth is these may seem a little daunting to achieve by the end of the working day, so frequently we find ourselves swallowed up by feelings of anxiety, apathy and inertia.

What if we just started by being a little kinder & more honest with ourselves, we cannot expect the world around us to be nicer if we still give ourselves the hardest time, so in an effort to shine a ray of light wide & far this blog features many of the people this year I have met, worked with & in some cases who have just brought a little light when I needed it.

If you feel inspired to learn a little from each of them or just one of them then this world just became a better place.

I have known the fabulous Tracey from Fighting Fifty for a number of years & I’ve seen her go from strength to strength, she has helped woman who may have traditionally felt left behind due to their age shine brightly & boldly & most importantly with humor. We are all getting older but we do not have to become old.

Sarah Jane Watson is a Massage therapist of note, but if you cant get to experience her talents directly her Instagram posts are worth the wait on a Monday morning, elegant, thoughtful & full of beauty

Katie Edwards is smart, kind, funny & beautiful inside & out, don’t you just hate her already… but if you have issues nutrition related this is the woman to seek out, in a time where everyone thinks diet & nutrition are one and the same thing, the intelligence that Katie brings to health is second to none. Take note, this girl knows her berries & her cake!

Ogario I met these guys around the same time I met Tracey & I love the hair mask now as much as I did then, I have long colored hair which loves this product & what they don’t know about all types of hair just isn’t worth the braiding time.

I met Emma last year at Vegfest, I’m traditionally more a vodka girl than a Gin drinker but they charmed me with a potion that changed colour and along with that so did my drink of choice. I’m currently trying to come up with an excuse to through a party just so they bring the converted horse box & bar.

A new Vegfest meeting this year, quite simply Giorgia made me laugh, she is a whirl of energy & passion which frequently provides cover for an average product, not in this case, these candles are fabulous, they burn beautifully & smell gorgeous, hand made & vegan they make a beautiful Christmas gift.

So there we are, just a few of the women this year who have embodied change & energy to me, this list could go on but I need to get going on changing the world myself,

Have a great week All!

Suzy xx

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