Recently something happened, something which literally sent me translucent with shock followed by a paralysis of thought and rational thinking. Fear followed by waves of dread & anxiety.

Few things scare me (other than rooms full of strangers & snakes if I’m honest) Life itself does not scare me, It has thrown some pretty unpleasant curve balls & I’ve ridden more waves than the average Cornwall surfer but still I haven’t been scared. Why was it then that a single few seconds in time were sending me into an uncontrollable tailspin?

Upon reflection & some well timed words of reason from an almost stranger I realised I had trapped myself not in the event but in what might follow, I had leaped to a worse case scenario & I was paddling myself rapidly into a bleak future well and truly without a paddle or hope of return.

We are of course all guilty at times of becoming frozen with fear. Fear itself can be an extremely helpful safe guard but it can also stop us in our tracks only to be hit by an oncoming bus anyway, it can wrap us up in endless what ifs & suffocating anxiety, it can stop us taking risks threatening to overwhelm us in failure, disappointment & self judgement.

The fact is however, that bad decisions are made, poor choices considered, momentary lapses of concentration happen & sometimes events take on a life of their own and perhaps if we accepted rather than fought this fact we would not be so consumed by them when they happen.

When all is said and done it’s what we learn from theses inevitable moments that matters.

Life is a challenge and learning to manage fear is as important as learning to navigate joy because just as there may well be monsters under the bed there may well be fairies at the bottom of the garden.

Suzy Gibbons-Mitchell