Unless you are blessed with supreme confidence, most Pilates teachers know that slightly nervous anticipation that runs through you when participating in a workshop. Perhaps its fear of being in the company of people you don’t know, perhaps its the idea of feeling you might be judged on your own ability or knowledge. Perhaps its the moment you realize what you don’t know far out ways what you thought you did, whichever training school you attended. For most of us however there is an intrinsic understanding that continuing to learn from others, be it our clients or Teachers is the only way to ensure that we truly grow in our own practice and understanding of the Pilates Method.

I’ve been blessed over the last few years to spend some time watching and learning from some incredibly inspiring teachers. When you spend any time in the company of teachers such as Kathryn Ross-Nash and Blossom Leilani Crawford you know that the future of Pilates is not just in safe hands but that its in magical hands.

I’ve just finished 3 days of attending workshops at Pilates Nation http://www.pilatesnation.co.uk/ with Blossom, we worked, we played, we laughed, we got occasionally smutty but those attending were blessed enough to be given a brief insight into her extensive time studying with Kathy Grant, not to mention the many other influences credited that makes watching Blossom in action so compelling. Some people are just meant to be teachers and Blossom is one of them, knowledgeable, generous and with a wicked sense of humor her workshops are as challenging for the brain as they are for the body, no one should be duped by the Hawaiian easy smile, this woman knows how to harness the power of the ocean from merely a gentle wave, she is the epitome of stealth Pilates, Its possible my muscles might just stop aching by Easter though I wouldn’t like to bet on it.

After this weekend and underneath the aches however lie a better understanding and appreciation of the Pilates Method and a reminder that we as teachers make things happen daily for our clients as well as ourselves. That the bigger picture of what we do contains infinite numbers of smaller pictures and possibilities. That we really can go from knee folds to the Candle, from finding our exhalation through no 3 to the Walk over. The true joy of this Method is finding ways to bring our clients on the journey with us, through our learning, though our exploration and through our respect of each others journeys. Once again I find myself incredibly appreciative of my own journey and those I have been blessed enough to learn from, should you get the chance I would strongly suggest heading to the Isle of Man in July for the Inaugural Pilates Conference  http://www.pilatesteacherassociation.org/ where both Blossom and Kathy will be presenting. If that’s not an option then at least take the time to look at their classes on http://www.pilatesanytime.com/ ..Every time we learn even just one more way to help enlighten this wonderful Method for our clients we as Pilates teachers as well as a community can only gain in strength, which without flexibility in both body and mind is after all  just not Pilates.IMG_3096


With love and medicinal raspberry vodka,

Suzy x