img_5093As many will know I’m pretty confident my advancement in performing the Pilates Teaser went alongside developing a taste for Martini’s. As I find myself explaining frequently the reason I do Pilates is not so much so I can find inner peace so much as knowing I can walk in heels and dance on tables without fear of falling (Hello Powerhouse!). I’m vegan, don’t smoke, have no interest in drugs but I do LOVE my chocolate Martini’s and Prosecco, what can I say, I have a soft spot for those V-shaped glasses and bubbles.

The fact is I’m a two drink girl, three drinks and I’m having deep and meaningful conversations with George (the cat) on the kitchen floor, so as a rule I’m no super modal when it comes to my alcohol stamina but I was in a little habit of regular drinking. I’ve long since known that the side effects of drinking can far out way the benefits, here in the UK we have a significant problem with Binge drinking, not the glass of wine with dinner type of drinking but mind numbing, blind drunk, throwing up in a cab drinking, not cool and not classy.

So when the idea of Sober October was floated I thought it sounded like a perfect opportunity to do something challenging and raise some cash, have you ever sat down and worked out how much money you actually spend on buying alcohol each month?!  in real terms (OK in my fantasy life) its a new Stella McCartney handbag each year, for some each season for me (Where do I sign up?)

So I signed up, donated my monthly expenditure to MacMillan Cancer Support and have actually enjoyed it more than I thought. When I had to give up coffee and tea earlier in the year it was awful, I felt dreadful for weeks, I love coffee, I miss coffee. In terms of my Martini’s I miss the routine of coming home and having one waiting for me but other than that I didn’t have any adverse effects. Somehow a glass of sparkling Elder flower cordial or Ribena seems to do the trick as long as they’re in a pretty glass. As much as I hate to admit it, my sleep is however, much better, less nightmares and less fretting, energy levels are definitely more even and my head is clearer, its been an interesting experience and I will definitely cut back on my consumption once the month is complete. the links between alcohol and reduced health are undisputed and our health is really all we can try and protect.  1187077_386890874770148_847315701_nWe know the risks of non even excessive drinking increase our risk of developing Cancer, Obesity, Diabetes, Strokes to name but a few conditions, but ultimately we make choices about how we chose to lead our lives every day, we are our own responsibility. Like many I have walked along side family and friends fighting Cancer, MacMillan Cancer support have made an extraordinary difference to the lives of so many. Its easy to take our lives for granted, its easy to wake up with a hangover and pop a pill, easy to expect the doctor to cure our ill’s but some challenges are greater than others, for some walking to the post box will be a momentous achievement today, some will be rallied by the thought of once again getting back to their teaser or even enjoying the feel of their Hamstring stretch. So I’m asking unashamedly for you to support them via my page

I can do only one thing, help raise awareness and help raise funds. I cannot take away my Grandmothers Bone Cancer, I cannot fight the battle my friends currently face but I can do this and if nothing else keep my head up and remember with the help of Gloria Gaynor…

I am what I am
And what I am needs no excuses
I deal my own deck
Sometimes the aces sometimes the deuces
It’s one life and there’s no return and no deposit
One life so it’s time to open up your closet


Yours with love and respect and just a hint of fairy dust.